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when life gives you lemons, trade them for brownies
danger! danger! very danger!
12th-Dec-2025 12:12 pm - people are people, i am myself

....because random people adding me is kind of weird/creepy

Hi, I’m Mandy! ♥
I’m actually really shy in real life but I love making new friends (to crazily fangirl about Arashi together..) so please leave a comment :)
Most posts about fandom are public unless I feel the need to make it private xD

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Love & Dream
 So, somehow, I have manged to finish subbing ALL of Arashi Andriod au CMs *phew!*
I really want a phone like that now xD

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And also, please do not upload to streaming sites!
Sho 8D
Since it is Sho's birthday VERY soon (5 more days!), in an early celebration, I have subbed the fancam of the duet between Jun and Sho during their 2001 Arashi All Arena Tour (Join The Storm in Nagoya, Osaka & Yokohama)!

Notes: Just some information that you should probably read before you download this...
☆ This song is originally sung by Northern Bright and Shakkazombie which is why the lyrics have the initials of "N.B. and S.Z." in it.
☆ The other initials, "H.B." most likely belong to Hide Bowie who is one of the rappers from Shakkazombie.
☆ The rap bits don't make alot of sense xD
Thankyou very much to yarukizero for this information! :D 

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Also, please DO NOT upload to streaming sites ^^
24th-Dec-2010 08:27 pm - Guess what day it is today...
Aiba stretch!
Oooo, crotch...Sexy! Aiba
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9th-Dec-2010 04:48 pm - [Jun x Ohno Duet - Touch the Breath]
Ohno <33
I was supposed to have finished this on Ohno's birthday but I'm never really good at deadlines....as shown by my work xD
But here it is, my failed attempt at subbing the fancam of the duet between Jun and Ohno during their 2002-2003 Atarashi Arashi Winter concert!

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And also, please DO NOT upload to streaming sites

Last time, somebody had uploaded my subbed version of Arashi's christmas message onto youtube :(
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